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Radixact® a proven radiation therapy platform with radically expanded capabilities like no other system in the world.

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Image guided, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT), featuring best-in-class clinical workflows and highly conformal treatments enabled by a unique ultra-fast multi-leaf collimator (MLC). The Radixact® System shapes radiation to the tumor while sparing normal, healthy tissue. The revolutionary Synchrony® technology* uses intrafraction imaging and AI-driven treatment delivery to adapt the delivery beam position to the tumor location precisely, accurately and at all times during the delivery of a treatment fraction. This enables no-tradeoff radiation therapy: continuous, uninterrupted dose delivery with tight margins and steep dose gradients while the patient behaves naturally. ClearRT™ helical kVCT high-fidelity imaging produces clear, high-fidelity kVCT images to provide soft-tissue visualization and clinical capabilities like no other RT system in the world. ClearRT™ helical kVCT high-fidelity imaging will enable clinicians to see more, know more, and do more. Furthermore, VitalHold™ Breast Package allows you to provide deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) treatment using TomoDirect treatment delivery mode on the Radixact System through the fully integrated and automated surface-guided radiotherapy (SGRT) solution. The Radixact System offers compromise-free capabilities to treat the full spectrum of breast cases in as little as two minutes, leveraging both TomoHelical (helical delivery) and TomoDirect (tangential beams). The Radixact System with VitalHold allows for easy patient compliance enabling higher breast cancer throughput for clinics.  PreciseART and Cenos provide off-line and on-line adaptive solutions for treating patients with tumors that change size and shape during the course of therapy.

Its fast helical imaging and unique treatment delivery make the Radixact System the perfect solution for any clinic that want to take advantage of faster more personalized, and more universal treatments.

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Specialties Radiotherapy
Applications Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) 3DCRT IMRT IGRT

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